Ménagerie Imaginaire

Ménagerie Imaginaire is a musical piece that takes place in a virtual performance space. Performers playing acoustic instruments on stage are also modeled in a virtual 3D audiovisual world. The audience experiences an audiovisual rendering of that world via large-screen projection and multi-channel surround audio diffusion. Using microphones and sensors, the performers can direct their audio with great virtuosity, allowing them to share a vast sonic playground. Nonlinear music compositions are exploded in space; their elements are visited by the  performers.

A reconstruction of the piece, filmed at La Société des Arts Technologiques (Sept 2007).
Rendered for 5.1 channel surround audio. Please inquire for a DVD copy.


Early prototype (Jan 2007)




Zack Settel
Mike Wozniewski
Jean-Michel Dumas



Jun 2007. Frederick Loewe Theatre, part of NIME & NYEAF, New York.

Aug 2007. Société des arts technologiques, part of Pure Data Convention, Montréal.
(with Sylvain Cormier on Keyboards)